Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

o win her

There is a lot of talk about alpha male in the articles. Who is an alpha male? Somebody who looks very confident, a winner, has animal appeal, knows how to attract women and leads from the front. Unfortunately most of us are not alpha males. I wonder how many of our romantic poets were alpha males? What to do if you are not an alpha male? How to be a romantic?

What is romance? In simple English to be in romance means to love each other intensely. It does not mean anything more than that. How do you get a girl to fall in love with you that is intense and passionate? For that is it necessary to have looks like a movie star? No. What it needs is intensity in the eyes. Create intensity in your eyes. Let your eyes give that come hither look. Let your eyes have that dreamy look. Let your eyes speak about your love. Gaze into the eyes of your beloved without speaking a word for few minutes and you will win her forever.

What about words and voice? Do you need to have husky voice and great vocabulary? No. Does saying I Love You need great vocabulary? It is the way you speak that affects the hormones. Make your voice as love filled as possible. Let the girl feel very special with your words. Let her feel that she is the princess and you are trying to win her over. Speak few words. But speak them with a voice full of love and care. Handle her as if she is as fragile as a china piece. Treat her as if she is more precious than the whole world. Let her feel very wanted. Let her feel loved. Let her feel the love and let her dream of that. Take her to a world with your voice and actions to a world she had never dreamt of. She will be yours forever.

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